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JJRC H72 Drone Review


Would you like to have a drone that starts when you toss it in the air? Many people love drones that come with innovative features. Now, with the JJRC H72, you too have an opportunity to own a small but extraordinary drone without breaking the bank.

For about $60, you will have the JJRC H72 drone. This is an excellent all-round drone that can do many things. One of them is that when you want it to fly, you just need to toss it in the air. Throw to launch drones are increasingly becoming common, but it is still a cool feature, one that many people cannot have enough of.

With a good number of incredible features and a great price, this is one of the most flamboyant drones.

This drone has many fun features. Fun is the reason why we buy drones, no? I mean, we are not in the military or in the business of collecting intelligence with drones. So, any consumer drone that has many fun features, you know, things like flips and 360-degree rolls, well, it is quite welcome.

But fun should always be combined with performance. And that is what the JJRC H72 offers you. You have fun, and you get a lot of usefulness from the drone. This means things such as taking awesome photos and videos, as we will discuss later in this JJRC H72 review.

JJRC H72 Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

One glance at the JJRC H72 will show you that this is an incredibly stylish and good-looking drone. The white color of the body (some are black), the front yellow rotors and the propeller guards make this RC look good. It is targeted at kids and adult drone enthusiasts, hence the color choices.

The quadcopter measures 10.8 by 10.8 by 2.8 inches. You can see that it is neither too small nor too big – it is just the right size for its class.

With a weight if 91.4g, well, traveling with it is not going to cost you any. In addition, you will also not need to register it with the FAA.

Inside the package that the drone is packed in, expect to find one remote control, a pair of 650mAh batteries, 4 propeller guards, 4 spare propellers, a USB charging cable, screwdriver, user manual and the drone itself.


Of course, we all agree that one of the reasons why we buy quadcopters is so that we can shoot aerial photos. Today, drones with cameras outsell those without.

Of course, the 720 HD camera integrated into the design of the JJRC H72 does a good job of capturing clear selfies, family photos and  even videos.

This is an FPV drone meaning that as soon as you download the app to your smartphone and launch it, you will be able to see what the drone can see, just as if you were flying right inside the drone.

The camera angle is good, and so you do not miss a lot of action. Do not just view your videos and photos in real-time. Also share them with friends and family on social media. You will be able to do this since all footage is stored in your smartphone.

Throw to launch the drone

As we said in the introduction, this is a fun feature. And you will love it. It is quite an innovative feature, where the drone starts when you throw it in the air. However, before you can throw the drone into the air to launch, you can calibrate it horizontally, then toss it into the air and press the start button.

Altitude hold mode

As much as it is a standard feature in many drones in the market today, this is still a very good feature to have in the H72, which is targeted at beginners and kids. With this feature, you just have to worry about flying the drone horizontally as it will hold the same altitude throughout the flight experience.

One key takeoff and landing

The most important thing about this feature is that kids and beginners have an easy time starting the drone. They also have an easy time bringing the drone back home if the battery runs low. This makes it easy for you to control with the drone. When you press this button, the drone either starts landing or taking off.

Headless mode

Together with the one key takeoff and landing, headless mode takes the challenge of trying to figure out the orientation of the drone out of your hands. When you punch in headless mode, the drone will fly in whatever direction the remote controller is facing, meaning ahead of you.

Battery and flight time

The H72 comes with two 3.7V 650mAh batteries, and each is going to give you a flight time of 8 minutes. These are modular batteries meaning that you can remove one and charge it while using the other. Basically, you will be buying a drone with 16 minutes of flight time. The charging time is a bit long though at 120 minutes.

The transmitter uses regular AA batteries, which you will buy separately.

Remote controller

This is an “obvious” remote controller, with joysticks, a smartphone holder and a sturdy build which means it can last a long time. There are no frills to it though, but everything works as it should. Batteries are easy to buy.

JJRC H72 Camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

When I bought this drone, I really did not think much of it and in fact kept it in its box for several weeks before flying it. However, after flying it for a few times, now I can hardly get my fill. It is a smart and adventurous drone. Shem W.

I found it easy to pair the remote and the drone, the batteries were charged and the drone was easy to assemble. In a few minutes, I had this drone ready to fly. David Allan N.

I would recommend this drone to any beginner enthusiast because of its advanced features. If you get it as your first drone, you will get all the skill and experience that you need to fly the big boys in future. Jimmi K.

I bought this drone so that I could learn to fly it and then upgrade to a bigger one in future. I was afraid of buying a costlier drone because I was sure I would wreck it. However, months later, my JJRC H72 still stands, although I have replaced two propellers. Terry W.

It certainly is not the best of the small beginner drones, but it has some nice features such as the 360-degree rolls and flips. Harry P.

I would buy this drone again and again for its features. However, when I want some serious video and photo work, I will go for something bigger in future. Jamleck W.

Good camera for casual videos and photos, good flight all the time but battery charging time is too long. This a great drone and I feel that at its price, you get more than enough value for your money. The Drone Man

Pros of JJRC H72

  • Sold with two batteries
  • Easy to assemble and fly
  • Special features such as throw to fly and rolls and flips
  • High definition camera captures good videos and photos
  • Very affordable price
  • App is seamless, works well and real-time video transmission is without hiccups
  • Comes with extra props in case you break one or two
  • Nice colors, looks very stylish all the time

Cons of JJRC H72

  • Battery takes long to charge
  • Some people have reported issues when connecting the batteries

JJRC H72 Throw To Fly

Who Should Buy The JJRC H72?

As you have seen in this JJRC H72 review, this is a good beginner drone. It is best for kids and adult beginners who want to cut their teeth in drone and flight control and then later on buy a bigger, more advanced drone. If you are a drone collector though, this is a nice specimen to have in your collection. It is quite sturdy and a few falls and crashes are never going to put it out of commission. Besides, the H72 comes with almost double of everything that can be replaced. The double batteries give a long flight time of 16 minutes. This is quite something considering that most drones in this price and size range give 4 minutes from one battery.

Conclusion and Recommendation

After reading the JJRC H72 review, you have no doubt seen that this is a great drone for a first-timer and for kids. Anyone who loves a good drone at a low price can buy this one without hesitation. However, before you can get to fly this drone, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind. They are as follows:

  • Read the user manual before you start to assemble the drone
  • Make sure the package contains everything
  • Learn how to fly the drone before you attempt some acrobatics
  • Fly the drone in the open spaces to avoid collision with objects
  • If the JJRC H72 is your first drone, use all the pilot-assist features

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