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Most Popular Drones – 2019

Most popular drones (updated on Jan 2019)

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2 Review

DJI is one of the most popular brand names in the drone industry. They have something for everyone and for every budget. Released to the market on 2 November 2020, the DJI Mini 2 comes 12 months after the DJI Mini, which was released into the market on 30 October 2019.

Like many drone enthusiasts, you must be eager to know what is new in the Mini 2. But first, have you used the Mini? If not, you can read our review for DJI Mini, which we published sometime in the past.

In spite of the great DJI name, you still do not want to purchase your quadcopter blindly. You want to know its features and technical details. You also want to know how many flight functions it has. Keep reading so that you can see more details about the Mini 2.

Even before we get to the features, some of the things that have been improved include the flight performance, reception, it has forward and downward sensors, maximum wind resistance is better, ascent and forward speeds are also better.

However, the most notable improvements are in the video resolution because you can capture 4K videos with the Mini 2. With the Mavic Mini, you could only capture 2.7K videos.

DJI Mini 2
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SNAPTAIN SP500 Drone Review

In a highly competitive industry where drone makers are falling over themselves to produce unique consumer drones, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Yet, SNAPTAIN does it with their drones all the time. As you will see in this SNAPTAIN SP500 drone review, it is quite possible to have a feature-packed flying toy that stands out.

From a glance, this may look like a regular beginner drone. However, when you toss in some features like GPS, geo-fencing and several others, it becomes a really awesome drone. If you want a beginner drone to learn how to fly and not have to upgrade to a bigger one, get this one. Even when we compare it to the SNAPTAIN SP660 drone that we reviewed earlier, the SP500 is clearly in a class of its own. Of course, we will see more about the features of this drone in the upcoming section.

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Hubsan Zino Pro

Hubsan Zino Pro Review

When you get the Hubsan Zino Pro, the drone and its accessories are packed in a small compact case.

You place the drone and its accessories on the table. Something stands out – a cable for charging your drone batteries with your car’s lighter. This is a thoughtful addition indeed. If you are taking a road trip and you will be some hours on the road, you can use the time to charge your drone batteries.

The drone comes with two high capacity batteries, brushless motors, and one of the longest flight distances that you have ever seen. Of course, we shall look at them in greater detail in the upcoming sections.

There is the Hubsan H117S Zino drone that we reviewed earlier. It has a 4K camera too, but that is just about where the similarities end. The Zino Pro has some improved features. It also feels a bit heavier and has more to offer, including the advertised long flight range of 4KM.

Let us look at some of the outstanding physical features of this drone, its design, build quality and much more.

Hubsan Zino Pro
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MARSMO B4W Drone Review

If I may, allow me to say that you will not be disappointed with the MARSMO B4W FPV Drone. This advanced toy has stunning features that make you want to fly it forever. Besides, this drone is quite good looking and stylish, the kind that you would like to show off at every opportunity.

Even starting with the obvious things like the foldability, the LED lights for night flights, the camera and so on, well, there is quite a ton to write home about for this drone. And it is all good!

Ok, seriously before we start to sound like a passage from the Song of Solomon book, let’s stop waxing lyrical and find out how this drone performs Is it worth the money that you will pay for it (just a couple of hundreds of dollars)?

Is the camera truly 2K? In the past, we have looked at drones with 2K camera resolution such as the Eachine EX3 quadcopter, and they are quite good. Let us just say that this drone meets and exceeds your expectations in everything including the price, the features, flight performance, camera and many more.

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EACHINE E520S Drone Review

The EACHINE E520S is a smart quadcopter that serves beginners as well as experienced users alike. However, its most notable feature is the camera. This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants a high quality aerial camera to capture their outdoor activities.

When you are out there having fun, you need a drone with follow me mode and a high quality camera to capture your footage. You may need a camera drone like the EACHINE E520S. It is easy to see why this product will give you good value for money. First, it is affordable, considering all the features that it comes with, we can say the price is a real steal.

EACHINE has a reputation for making some of the most stylish drones in the market. Their EACHINE E511S, which we reviewed earlier, is a great selfie drone. The E520S is much more than that. With a powerful 4K camera and durable build, you can buy it with confidence knowing you will get good value for money. What are some of its features? What is the build like? What is its flight performance? We will look at these and more items in the upcoming sections.

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