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NEHEME NH525 Drone Review


One of the outstanding things about the NEHEME NH525 drone is the fast charging time for one battery, which is 60 minutes. In addition, it is also supplied with two batteries to give you double the flight time.

However, there is more to a quadcopter other than just the charging time or the price. The most important thing is to consider the features. The more you can get plus several flight functions, the more value for money you will get.

At the same time, like all small quads, this one also has a flip side. It is a bit hard to control the direction, so trimming it is not easy. Also, there have been complaints that it breaks easily in case it falls or there is a crash. Take care not to crash it.

Keep reading to see what you can expect from this small aircraft.


NEHEME NH525 Features & Technical Details

Usually, most drones, big and small come with five main features which include camera, batteries, remote controller, the build of the drone itself and perhaps a carry bag. Racing drones can come with more than that.

Design and Build Quality

This is a small drone that is foldable by design. When folded, it can fit in your palm or your pocket, which makes it very easy to travel with. When it is unfolded, it measures 7.9 by 7.3 by 3.0 inches. When you fold it down, it measures 5.1 by 2.8 by 2.2 inches, which as we said is quite small.

There are two small LED lights on the top left and right of the face. These will help you with night flight as they illuminate so beautifully.

The propellers are protected by the prop guards. It is also safer this way so that they do not hurt you in case you hold the drone while they are still spinning.

Camera Quality

You will get live video transmission from this quadcopter. The d5rone has been equipped with a 720P HD camera. During the day and when there is not even the slightest breeze, it can take decent pictures and videos. However, when there is even the smallest breeze, the videos become choppy.

The camera is also adjustable vertically from 0 to 45°. However, we are not sure that you can adjust the angle of the camera from the controller. Most likely, you have to bring it home first and adjust the camera manually.

Clearly, if you are looking for a serious camera drone, this is not it.

Battery and Flight Time

You will get the drone with two batteries so that you can fly it longer. These are 3.7V 1200mAh batteries. Each can give you a maximum flight time of 11 minutes. Since these are modular batteries, they charge out of the drone so you can charge one while you use the other. The charging time for one battery is 60 minutes, which is fair enough.

Remote Controller

The low latency 2.4GHz transmitter is black in color, has a foldable smartphone holder and does a great job of controlling the drone. The maximum control range with the transmitter is 100 meters, so the drone should be in your sight all the time.

You can choose to fly the NEHEME NH525 drone with the transmitter or with the app. The transmitter also has keys for camera, altitude hold, headless mode and other functions.

Flight Functions

Toy drones need to have some flight functions. Automated functions help the user to fly the drone without too much of a hustle.

Here are a few that the NEHEME NH525 quadcopter comes with:

Altitude Hold

Engage the altitude hold mode so that you only have to worry about the horizontal flight of the drone. For small quads such as this one, the maximum altitude is not too high.

Headless Mode

If you buy the NH525 as a gift for your youngster, you don’t want them to waste time figuring out where the drone faces when it is out of sight. With headless mode engaged, the drone realigns itself to the position of the pilot.

Speed Settings

You can fly the drone at low or high speed depending on your level of experience. Start with low speed setting and see how it conducts itself, before you punch high speed.

360° Flips

Flights from point A to B can be too boring. Try the flips stunt with this drone just to see what it can do.

Gesture Shooting Mode

When you engage the gesture shooting mode, this drone responds to your palm or victory sign. With the V sign, it starts taking photos and with the palm sign, it starts to take videos.

Trajectory Flight

On the map interface on the app, you can choose a route with beautiful scenery where you can get the drone to fly when you launch it. This is great for hands-free flight.

NEHEME NH525 Easy Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I was looking for a gift for my son when he turned 12. He has been having a lot of fun with his NEHEME NH525. Albert K.

I like everything about this small quadcopter except the camera. I have never been able to capture good video footage with it. Karis D.

For a beginner, this drone is too hard to trim. You had better choose a wide open space in which to fly it. That way, it will not collide with things. Joe P.

I have not been able to do 11 minutes with each battery. It is more like 9 minutes or 18 minutes for both batteries, but I still find it good. Jacob B.

I have noticed that once the battery goes low, the drone becomes impossible to control. It just goes down and lands anywhere. April W.


  • Comes with 2 batteries for more flight time
  • It folds into a really small size
  • Gesture shooting makes it fun to play with
  • Fast charging time for the batteries
  • The price is affordable
  • Makes a nice gift for people that matter to you
  • Nice, slim and sleek remote controller


  • Drifts uncontrollably in the slightest wind
  • Not much in fail-safe functions like return to home or GPS

Who Should Buy The NEHEME NH525 Drone?

This is an affordable small drone that does not promise an experienced user much. However, it is quite something for a beginner. Therefore, you can buy it for your kids or for anyone else as a gift to introduce them to drone flying. With good care, this quadcopter can take the abuse and last a long time too. This is a small aircraft without the usual bells and whistles that many drones come with, you know, things like GPS.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy your NEHEME NH525 drone, you will need to choose a large open space in which to fly it. This will give you enough room to compensate when it starts going adrift, especially when there is a breeze. You can also read the user manual to know how to prepare it for flight. This drone also comes ready to fly. You just need to calibrate it, download its app to your smartphone and fly it.

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