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NEHEME NH760 Review


If you are wondering whether 100 bucks can buy you a good drone, it can get you the NEHEME NH760 quadcopter for beginners.

This quadcopter is for adult as well as kid beginners. It is easy to fly, has good features to introduce you to the world of drones. It will give you a good foundation on how drones fly so that you can buy a bigger, better one with higher specs in future.

The NH760 also comes with many flight modes, which make it easy to fly even for kids. It also has a camera, so you will get a good introduction to aerial shooting.

While the drone ticks many boxes, it also has some downsides. For instance, the smartphone holder on the remote controller is not going to hold heavier mobile phones.

Also, this is not a GPS drone, so it lacks the fail-safe features that most other drones in its price range come with.

Apart from those two things and the lack of blade guards, this drone does what is advertised. You will definitely outgrow it soon, but for the time you will have it, you will enjoy using it.


NEHEME NH760 Features & Specs

In this section, we look at the build quality of the drone, the camera, batteries and other features. We are also going to look at some of the flight functions that it comes with.

Design and Build Quality

In the past, we did a review of the NEHEME NH330 drone. We saw that it is not foldable. However, the NH760 is foldable, which makes it a dream for transporting and storage.

Even the propeller blades come in the split design, which makes them foldable too. When the drone is unfolded, it measures 14.59 by 10.83 by 1.6 inches, pretty large for a beginner drone.

When you fold the aircraft, its size reduces to 6.06 by 2.87 by 2.58 inches. This makes it easier for storage and transport.

The weight of this quadcopter is 193 grams. You are not required to register this with the FAA since it does not go above the 250g threshold.

The plastic material used to make the hull of this drone makes it strong enough. Many users have reported crashes with the aircraft sustaining minimal to zero damage.

Camera Quality

Today, many people buy drones so that they can use the camera. The NH760 comes with a 1080P camera, not high resolution but again, it gets you decent footage. Just make sure you are capturing footage when there is good daylight.

The camera also has a good field of view at 110 degrees. It also has a vertically adjustable angle of up to 90 degrees. This helps you to find the best views for your footage.

You will also get a good first person view experience with this aircraft. The FPV distance is 196 feet, and the resolution quality might dip lower than 1080P, but it is good.

There is no gimbal or EIS to keep the camera stable, but then, this is a cheap drone. To prevent too much distortion, fly the drone when there is no wind and in straight lines whenever you can.

Batteries and Flight time

The NEHEME NH760 comes with two, 1800mAh batteries. Each battery is going to give you 16 minutes of flight time according to the advertised information. In reality, each battery will give you about 10 to 15 minutes, which is still good enough. The charging time for one battery is less than 60 minutes so it is a good deal.

These batteries are safe to handle, charge and easy to insert and remove from the drone. Modular by design, you can charge them outside the drone. They also have built-in overcharge protection.

Some actions determine how long a drone battery lasts. For instance, hovering the quadcopter can consume the charge faster and so can flying it at high speed. There is no need to order a third battery, but they are available if you want one.


This is a traditional 2.4GHz transmitter without too many bells and whistles. First, you have to get the batteries for it separately, three AA ones. Secondly, the control range for the transmitter is 328 feet.

The controller comes with a foldable smartphone holder. It does look a bit cluttered on the right side with buttons, but is easy to use.

The controls on the transmitters are very intuitive. They respond immediately without being too sensitive.

Flight Functions

The inclusion of automatic flight functions make this aircraft to fly for users of all ages. All the same, it is best not to give kids that are too young a drone. It comes with the following:

One key start and landing

Get the drone to take off and hover at a height waiting for the next move or get to land where it is. The inclusion of this key eliminates guesswork when you are piloting this quadcopter for the first time.

Altitude Hold

This function takes care of the vertical flight of the aircraft so that you just worry about controlling the horizontal flight.

Headless Mode

In headless mode, the drone will maintain the right orientation (for direction) even when you cannot see it. If the drone is behind you, the controls can be confusing. Just engage headless mode so that it aligns itself automatically.

Flight Path

Open the map interface on the app and tap several points on the screen. Draw a line with your finger joining these points and you will have created a flight path.

360-degree flips

What is a good drone like the NEHEME NH760 without a few stunning stunts to surprise your friends? It has been equipped with 360-degree flips so it can roll to the left, right, forward and backward. This might drain more battery voltage.

3 Speed Mode

As a beginner, start flying it on the low speed setting to learn how the aircraft flies. You can then hit the medium speed and eventually the high speed for more thrills.

Gravity Control

In this mode, you can get the aircraft to fly to the right or left just by waving your smartphone appropriately. This is a fun mode to break the monotony of regularly controlled flights.

Gesture Shooting

This is another fun feature that most beginner drones come with. To take photos, just show the NH760 the victory sign and it will move within the appropriate distance and take your selfies. To take videos, just show it the palm sign.

NEHEME NH760 Smart Gesture Selfie

Reviews from Owners of the NEHEME NH760

This is the first drone I have ever owned, so I have been taking it slow, flying it at low speed in my yard and keeping the distance short. However, last weekend, I took it out to an empty piece of land and flew it the full 300 feet. I am impressed. It flies really well, but I could not get the battery to go above 11 minutes. Raph Dobson.

The first drone I got looked old, propeller blades and the body of the aircraft looking scratched. I returned it on account that I suspected it was used. The company acknowledged their mistake and they sent me a brand new one. I have been having fun with it for the third month now, but I aim to get one with a 4K camera soon. Samuel Cellery.

This is a good drone, flies well and does everything the manufacturer says it can. However, I would only recommend it for beginners because it is too basic. An advanced pilot will not find much fun in it. Andrew McComarck

I am surprised at what the NH760 can do, especially considering the low cost. It can do flips, can respond to gestures and follow a custom route. I bought this for my son on his 12th birthday but I had to try it first. It is awesome. Carlos Reyes.

NEHEME NH760 Gravity Control


  • Equipped with strong motors that make it stable even in the wind
  • Comes with a nice carry bag
  • Two batteries for longer flight time
  • Good instructions for app download and calibration
  • No FAA registration needed in the USA, just unpack and fly
  • Fast charging time for batteries
  • Nice for beginners with many flight functions


  • It is easy to lose the drone since it does not have auto-return home functions
  • GPS connectivity is so on and off

Who Should Buy The NEHEME NH760?

This beginner drone will equip you with the basics of piloting so that you can get more expensive and feature-rich models in future.

It also has some nice touches that won’t make it too boring for advanced users. The flips, gesture shooting and custom routes make this drone fun to fly.

If you would like to give someone a nice gift that they won’t forget easily, the NH760 is perfect. It will introduce them to flying drones and they will love having it for keeps.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get the NEHEME NH760 drone, you need to do a few things. First, read the user manual to find out how to calibrate it. Secondly, get the app, called the NEHEME Tracker, on Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Thirdly, start by flying the aircraft indoors, at low height and slow speed until you know how it handles.

Fourthly, when you finally decide to fly it outdoors, find a large and open space, with no obstacles. Also, fly the drone within your sight always since it lacks GPS connectivity.

Never fly this drone in the wind because it can fly away and fail to respond to commands. However, if it is caught in the wind, fly it at high speed because it handles better that way.

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