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Tomzon D30 GPS Drone Review

Tomzon D30

It is hard to find a small drone for grownups that really ticks all the boxes, but this one seems to do that. Of course, in this Tomzon D30 review, we shall be delving deeper into the features and technical details of this quadcopter.

Some time in the past, we reviewed the Tomzon D65 Drone, with its excellent 4K HD camera. We also confirmed that it comes with a true HD camera. Therefore, in this review for the D30, we shall do the same. We are going to see whether it has a true HD camera, whether it performs as advertised and so on.

Are there any downsides that you can expect? Of course, every product has its flip side and this one is not any different. For instance, there are no spare batteries and propellers. Therefore, if you crash it and it breaks these, that is most likely the end of your fight fun, until they bring others.

Keep reading so that we can see more about its features and functions.

Tomzon D30

Tomzon D30 Features & Technical Details

Like many other drones within this size and price range, there is a lot to look forward to in the D30 quadcopter. We shall start with the build and design, batteries, camera and so on.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable drone that is made of ABS plastic. While this material is resilient, the risk of breaking the blades is quite high.

Therefore, you should take care to fly it in open spaces. In addition, the blades come in the split design. Therefore, they fold together with the drone, making it much smaller, easier to store and more portable.

Battery and Flight Time

Unfortunately, this drone comes with just one 1200mAH battery. We say unfortunate because by the time of writing this review, spare batteries were not available for sale. The advertised flight time is 17 minutes for one battery. However, we know that it will never get to that really, but even 15 minutes are good enough.

For charging the battery, you get a cord. Therefore, you do not get a docking charge. However, we recommend that you use the provided cable for charging so that the battery does not sustain any damage. Since this is a modular battery, it charges outside the quadcopter.

Camera Quality

This is a true 4K camera drone. Therefore, you can capture footage at high resolution. In addition, you can also enjoy a high quality FPV experience. However, you will need to use your smartphone for that, after downloading the required app. For the high resolution footage, you might need to store it in an SD card.

Remote Controller

You might love the simplistic design of the remote controller. On the face, it has the usual joysticks. Additionally, it has a few buttons for power, optical flow, headless mode and so on.

It does not have a built-in rechargeable battery, so you will probably have to find out what batteries it uses so that you can buy them. In addition, the remote controller holds your smartphone at the top side. Therefore, you do not have to lift your head to see what is displayed.

Finally, as a 2.4GHz controller, there is minimal to zero latency so commands are transferred immediately. .

Flight Functions

All fun drones must have some flight functions. They make it easier to fly and you enjoy it more. Here are some of the most important ones:

GPS smart Flight

With this function, the drone is going to return home if it loses signal or when the battery runs low. Since it will return automatically, you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Headless Mode

You can engage headless mode when you want the quadcopter to align itself to the position of the pilot automatically. That way, you don’t have to worry about where the nose faces even when it is out of your sight. .

Follow Me Mode

In this mode, the quadcopter locks onto you and follows you wherever you go. It will keep a respectable distance and if you move faster, it increases its speed and vice versa.

Tomzon D30 Flight Functions

Optical Flow Positioning

The manufacturer has included enough sensors in this small aircraft. That way, it can hold its position amply whether you are hovering it indoors or outdoors.

Surround Flight

When you engage this function, the drone will fly around a monument taking footage from different angles. It flies in circles.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I took a risk by avoiding the bigger and well known brand names for this, more affordable one. My risk paid off because in calm weather, the D30 flies like a marvel. Steve B.

I would advise you to be very keen not to crash this drone because it is hard to find spare propellers. Apart from that little hitch, it is a good performer. Jenny L.

I have used this drone to take footage and I realized that there is no distortion in the footage. However, this was on a calm day. Tuff P.

This quadcopter has many functions and it flies well. However a second battery would have been so much better. Sam G.

Tomzon D30 Pros

  • It has GPS customized flight path on the map interface on the app
  • It flies really well in calm weather
  • Takes nice video and photo footage
  • Follow me functions enables you to use the quad in hands-free mode
  • Hard to lose the drone since it comes with GPS auto return home

Tomzon D30 Cons

  • Spare batteries and propellers are hard to find although it comes with extra blades
  • It will perform poorly in the wind

Who Should Buy The Tomzon D30 Drone?

The manufacturer gives the age rating of this drone as 14 years. However, almost everyone, including ten year olds can fly this drone well.

Since most of its flight features are automated, it should be easy to control. In addition, it flies well indoors or outdoors. However, since it costs a substantial amount of money, buy it if you intend to use it for some time. Otherwise, if you just want to practice flying a quadcopter and then get a bigger one in future, you might try the lowly priced ones.

Conclusion and Recommendation

No one knows a product better than its manufacturer. Therefore, when you get the Tomzon D30 quadcopter, first, read the user manual. In that case, you will see how to calibrate it, how to fly it and even how to maintain it. You can start by flying the drone indoors and then take it outside when you have learned the ropes.

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