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4DRC F10 Drone Review

4DRC F10

For the low price that you will pay for the 4DRC F10, you will get some impressive features such as two batteries that can collectively give you up to 32 minutes of flight time.

The design of this drone is really good. It folds nicely, like the Mavic Pro. Droneeye, the company that manufactures this quadcopter, makes their products really nice. In another post, we reviewed the DRONEEYE 4DRC V9 Mini, which is for children.

In the upcoming sections, we shall look at the features and the flight functions that this foldable quadcopter comes with.

Like other small drones, the only downside to expect from this drone is the low weight. Thus, you do not want to fly it even in the lowest velocity winds.
4DRC F10

4DRC F10 Features & Technical Details

Once you see the features, you can decide whether you can buy the drone or not. The F10 is made for children (14 years or older) and for beginners. But first, you want to know about its camera quality, flight time, app and others.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable drone, and the size reduces considerably when you fold it. It will measure just 10 by 8 by 5CM. Many sources say that it is a Mavic Pro look alike especially because it folds in just about the same way.

It also has a weight of 186g. This is too light, so beware of the wind. The good thing is that you won’t need to register it with the FAA.

The manufacturer has used high quality ABS plastic material for this drone. If you do not crash it too often, it is going to remain intact for a long time!

Still on the design of the drone, you should love the two bug eyes at the top of the head. They light up beautifully, something that really helps in low light flights.

The F10 comes with brushed motors. Thus, it may not give the same performance as one with brushless motors.

Camera Quality

This is a camera drone, and many people nowadays buy drones to be their aerial cameras. It comes with a 1080P FHD camera, so it is going to capture decent, but not stunning footage. Thus, make sure you take your footage during the daytime when lighting is great.

You will also enjoy the first person view with the same quality. That is a plus because many quadcopters within this price range come with 720P or even lower quality for FPV.

You just have to download the app so that you can enjoy real-time image transmission as the drone flies. See what the drone can see.

The drone does not have an SD card slot, so you will have to store your footage in your smartphone. Thus, you will have to make a point to transfer the footage to your computer to save space in your mobile.

The FPV range is a bit short though since it is only 80 meters. But as the drone flies, you can share the FPV footage on social media with friends and family.

Download the 4DRC app so that you can enjoy the FPV function. It will also enable you to enjoy using many flight functions.

Battery and Flight Time

This drone comes with two batteries for longer flight time. These 1100mAh batteries charge outside the drone. Therefore, you can leave one charging while you use the second one to fly the quadcopter.

There is a 5G WiFi version of this quadcopter that comes with an 1800mAh battery that gives 23 minutes of flight time. But since this review is for the 2.4G version, the charging time is about 150 minutes, mostly lesser.

If you are buying this quad for your children, don’t worry about safety. The batteries have overcharge protection. Thus, when it is fully charged, it just stops charging. Just ensure that you use the charging cable that comes with the package.

Should you need a third battery, you can get one from Banggood at an affordable price. But since the two batteries that your 4DRC F10 drone package comes with can give you 32 minutes of flight time, there is really no need to get a third one.

Remote Controller

The remote controller is light in weight and it uses three AAA batteries, which you have to buy separately. Also, it has a simple design such that kids and first-time drone pilots will find it quite easy to use.

On the face, it has the usual two sticks, one for trimming and the other one for speed. It also has a cluster of keys on the left and right sides, for various functions.

The left cluster of four keys is for forward, backward, left and right directions, basically for controlling the flight direction.

The right hand cluster of keys is for headless mode and one key start or landing. Once you refer to the user manual and find out what every key does, you will find them very easy to use.

In the middle of the remote controller, you have a foldable smartphone holder. It fits many modern smartphones, so you should enjoy a good FPV experience. When you are flying the F10 blindly, you can fold the holder back into its place.

Flight Functions

Flight functions or flight modes make any drone easier and more fun to fly. In this case, you will get some automated flight modes that will make even your maiden flight quite exciting. They are as follows:

One key take off and landing

With this function, there is no trying to figure out how to launch the drone. Once you have calibrated the quadcopter with the remote controller (instructions in the user manual), just punch this key and the drone takes off and it rises vertically to a certain height. It hovers waiting for your next move.

Altitude Hold

This is a very important function for beginners. Once engaged, the aircraft holds its flight height, so you just need to worry about its horizontal flight.

Speed Switch

You can start at the lowest speed for a beginner and then try the faster speeds when you have gained more experience.

3D Flips

At the touch of a button, you can have this small quadcopter doing 3D flips. This is a fun feature though so you could wait until you truly know how to fly this aircraft.

Gravity Control

Using your phone, you can get the drone to fly whichever way you want by waving the phone. This makes it fun to fly the F10 without the remote controller, with your smartphone alone.

Trajectory Flight

By accessing the map interface on the app, you can draw a line to create a favorite route that the aircraft can follow when you launch it.

4DRC F10 Begginers Drone

4DRC F10 Pros

  • It is so simple to fly
  • Two batteries is a good idea
  • Packs small and light in weight for traveling
  • The 4DRC app enables you to share footage on social media instantly
  • Packs 3D stunts for extra fun
  • Sold with a storage case
  • Gravity control is a nice function

4DRC F10 Cons

  • FPV range is too short
  • Too light in weight

Who Should Buy The 4DRC F10 Foldable Drone?

This is a good aircraft for beginners as well as kids if you want to introduce them to the drone hobby. If you want an affordable first drone to learn how to fly so that you can buy a more advanced one later, you might want to get the 4DRC F10.

But for an advanced pilot, it will feel too basic and the short flight distance will be a bit boring. The features that may pique the interest of a skilled pilot are like the 3D flips, trajectory flight and maybe the speed settings.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You have seen that this is a lightweight drone. Thus, it does not fly well even in the lowest velocity wind. It can become really hard to trim. Only fly it on a calm day, in wide-open spaces where it can’t spook people or animals, or crash into buildings and trees. It has brushed motors, so it is noisier than its counterparts with brushless motors.

Start flying it on the low speed setting and then try the higher speeds later. Also, hold on a bit before you can use the 3D flip function, until you know how to handle the aircraft at speed.

Show me the price !

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