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Drones Under $100

Discover the world of budget-friendly drones without compromising on quality and performance. Our “Drones Under $100” category features in-depth reviews and recommendations of drones that offer exceptional value for their affordable price. Explore a range of options that prove you don’t have to break the bank to experience the thrill of flight and aerial photography.

With our “Drones Under $100” category, you can confidently explore affordable drone options that provide an excellent entry point into the world of aerial photography and flying without exceeding your budget

Holy Stone HS 280

Holy Stone HS280 Review

In this Holy Stone HS280 review, you will see how affordable but feature-rich it is.

But this is not the first drone for kids from Holy Stone. In the past, we did the Holy Stone HS430 Review, which comes with so many flight functions and features.

A few years ago, drones with camera cost a lot of money. Today, brand names like Holy Stone have cameras on all their drones. This includes their toy drones for kids. Even the HS280 costs less than $100 but has a fairly decent camera.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for kids, or for an adult you would like to introduce to the drone hobby, this is it! Before you buy, look at its features and flight modes.

There has been a complaint from a few users of this drone. They say that it delays to respond to the joystick. Small, cheap drone do not lack such issues, but it is good to be aware of such issues.

Some people also complain that the drone flies away automatically after launching. It does this even when you haven’t punched in a command.

Holy Stone HS 280

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NEHEME NH760 Review

If you are wondering whether 100 bucks can buy you a good drone, it can get you the NEHEME NH760 quadcopter for beginners.

This quadcopter is for adult as well as kid beginners. It is easy to fly, has good features to introduce you to the world of drones. It will give you a good foundation on how drones fly so that you can buy a bigger, better one with higher specs in future.

The NH760 also comes with many flight modes, which make it easy to fly even for kids. It also has a camera, so you will get a good introduction to aerial shooting.

While the drone ticks many boxes, it also has some downsides. For instance, the smartphone holder on the remote controller is not going to hold heavier mobile phones.

Also, this is not a GPS drone, so it lacks the fail-safe features that most other drones in its price range come with.

Apart from those two things and the lack of blade guards, this drone does what is advertised. You will definitely outgrow it soon, but for the time you will have it, you will enjoy using it.

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Eachine E110

Eachine E110 Review

The Eachine E110 looks like a military chopper. This is not a strange look at all, because there are many miniature helicopter drones. They look like choppers in almost every way only that they are too small to load passengers.

If you are fascinated with flying, do not go for a regular looking drone, when you can have an RC helicopter. Eachine will meet your needs.

They have been making RC airplanes, RC helicopters, racing drones, RC cars and even RC boats for some time. If you love powered toys, this is your one stop center for the aforementioned and more products.

Back to the drone of the day, the Eachine E110 Sentry Mini Spy RC Helicopter Flight has some good things going for them, well, above the nice looks. First, it is affordable. Secondly, it flies really great thanks to the one rotor design.

Since this is a Spy RC helicopter, it is super silent so you can spook your friends (well, don’t do it!) by creeping it up on them.

You also get the choice of buying this drone with one, two or three batteries for more flight time. The only thing to be wary of is the camera quality because it is not that great.

Eachine E110
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Holy Stone HS430

Holy Stone HS430 Review

The Holy Stone Mini Drones stable has a number of good products. Among them is the HS430, which they say is a good beginner quadcopter for kids and adults.

This quadcopter is sold with three lithium polymer batteries for more flight time. HS drones are also known for their build quality.

While this is a toy drone to get you into the drone hobby, it has a camera so you will get an introduction to aerial shooting.

There have been some complaints about this one. For instance, with frequent folding and unfolding, wires to the motors become frayed.

The manufacturer says the HS430 battery lasts up to 13 minutes, but in reality, it is more like 8 minutes. Also, there have been complaints about the quality of the videos and being a very light drone, flying it even in the slowest wind is going to ruin the experience for you.

Another limitation is that this small drone comes with three batteries, but one charger. Therefore, you might have to find another charger to charge more than one battery at the same time.

Keep reading as we look at more details of this drone.

Holy Stone HS430
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XKJ K911 MAX Review

Over time, many drones have been made available in different packages to meet different budgets. For instance, the XKJ K911 Max comes with/without obstacle avoidance, with one, two or three batteries.

The extra features cost more, but they can be worth it. Obstacle avoidance is for safety because it prevents your aircraft from crashing into things. More batteries mean a longer flight time.

In the product description, the manufacturer says the K911 Max has an 8K camera, but most people who have used it do not agree. It is more like 4K, or lower! Thus, if you are buying it on account of the camera alone, you might want to think twice.

The user manual seems to be mostly available in Chinese. Also, you need to be aware of flying it in the wind because it is so light and it will be hard to trim. GPS positioning takes too long to start working.

You can see there are a number of downsides to the aircraft. It is still a good entry level drone that will teach you the basics of flying and taking aerial footage.

Keep reading to see its features and other details.

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