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Most Popular Drones – 2019

Most popular drones (updated on Jan 2019)

GoolRC SG906 Drone Review

Honestly, how often do you find a drone sold with two bonus batteries, a nice and durable carry-case as well as so many features to boot? We must concede, this does not happen too often.

With the GoolRC SG906 drone, you have an opportunity to own this awesome specimen. In this review, we are going to look at the features that make it tick and see what you can expect of its performance.

Even the styling of the GoolRC SG906 is very appealing, starting with the logo of the bullhorns on the head, reminds you of The Rock when he was a wrestler. Did you smell what drone The Rock is flyiiiiiing!

About the price, well, it could be better, but with many impressive features and the three batteries, you will agree when we say you will have good value for your money.

Keep reading to see is full features in detail.

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JJRC H78G Drone Review

Sometimes, the best things do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. You will see the truth of that statement after reading this JJRC H78G drone review. Sold at $200, you will see why this drone is a keeper, why it gives great value for money and best of all, why it is suitable for users of all levels. Whether you are a beginner drone user, or you have been flying them for years, there is a lot of goodness to look forward to in the H78G drone.

Keep reading to find out all of its features and the pros and cons.


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HUBSAN H501s X4 Pro

HUBSAN H501s X4 Pro Review

When you buy the HUBSAN H501s drone, well, you will never regret your investment. Would you like a drone that can do 20 minutes of flight time on one charge, has a modular battery, first person view and a good camera for your personal videos and photos? Who wouldn’t? For a combination of fun and functionality, drones in this price range do not come any better than the H501s. However, HUBSAN is well known brand name in the market with many good things to offer for different market segments.

There are so many commendable features in this drone. It is a stylish and good-looking drone. At the same time, it brings you quite a wide variety of features. The performance of this drone is incredible, to say the least. The pricing is very fair, considering the number of features it comes with. With features such as follow me mode, you can have the drone track and follow the remote controller. You can concentrate on shooting your videos and photographs while the drone flies almost by itself.

More about that later…

HUBSAN H501s X4 Pro

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Potensic T35 Image

Potensic T35 Drone Review

When you see the features of the Potensic T35 drone, you will not need any further convincing to buy this drone. It has almost the same features as the Phantom 3 but it is sold at a far lesser price. There are many things to look forward to in the drone, one of them being the excellent camera, the 9-axis gyroscope flight system, altitude hold, FPV and many others. There is no shortage of features in this drone.

This is a good beginner drone with a high quality camera, is easy to use even if you have never flown a drone before. The short learning curve makes the drone very appealing for first-time fliers.

Potensic is one of the most well known brand names in the market. Thus, when investing in such a brand name, you will always feel assured that you are going to get good value for money. Sometimes, it just feels so good and secure to buy from a good, tested and proven brand name.

Potensic T35 Image

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Potensic D85

Potensic D85 Review

What more would you ask from a drone that brings you awesome features such as brushless motors, long flight time, wide angle camera and many more as you will see in this Potensic D85 review? Much more, apparently. The modern drone has become even more sophisticated and feature-rich as it tries to meet all needs. At the top of the list of drone leaders lies the Potensic brand name, one of the very best in the market.

Apart from the flight features, this drone also comes with advanced safety features. For example, when the battery is low, the drone will return home automatically, “home” being the place where it was launched. The same also happens when the drone loses signal.

There are a thousand more reasons why you should buy the Potensic D84 whether you are a beginner or an advanced pilot. But first, let us look at its features and technical details in the upcoming sections.

This is a fairly new release but it has already made ripples in the market. There are so many positive reviews of the drone.

Potensic D85

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