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DRONEEYE 4DV12 Mini Drone Review


The DRONEEYE 4D V12 is a small, lightweight mini drone that you will love if you want an introduction to the drone hobby. However, please note that this is a very light drone, so it is likely to be hard to trim it when you fly it even in low velocity winds.

The minimal weight notwithstanding, this good mini can equip you with good piloting skills, in readiness for that big drone that you will buy in future.

Marketed as a drone for kids, it has many good features as well as flight functions. It is fun and very simple to fly.

While adults can outgrow it fast, children will love flying it for a long time. It is camera-enabled, so you will be introducing them to the world of aerial photography.

If you are looking for a good gift for your nine, ten or eleven year old, you can try the DRONEEYE 4DV12 quadcopter. But before you do that, you want to see more details about its features and flight modes.

Some of the things that you might want to be aware of is that it does not have propeller guards so a crash will break the blades. It also lacks the follow me function.

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DRONEEYE 4DV12 Features & Technical Specs

This drone is such a joy to fly. It is powerful and smooth. However, behind the smoothness, a combination of certain features makes this possible.

Here are some of them, starting with the design and build quality.

Design, build quality and durability

This is a small and foldable mini drone for kids. When you fold it, it is easy to carry even in your pocket. It also comes with its carry bag so you can keep everything together.

The drone is super lightweight so you need to be careful if you intend to fly it outdoors. Make sure there is no air movement at all. The good thing about the low weight is that you will not need to register it with the FAA.

As is common with many mini lowly priced drones, the blades do not fold since they do not come in the split-design. However, you will not have to unscrew them when you are storing the drone in its case.

The fuselage is made with plastic material, which has a matte finishing. It is not going to slip out of your hands easily. The material also protects the interior electronic parts if there is a crash.

There are a couple of LED lights at the top of the head. They give it a bug-like appearance and they make it easy to fly in low-lit conditions.

Batteries and flight time

This drone comes with two batteries to give you extra flight time. These are modular batteries, so you can charge them separate from the quadcopter. The package includes a USB charging cable that you can use for the batteries.

The batteries are safe to handle, easy to insert and remove out of the drone. They also have built-in overcharge protection so you need not worry about them sustaining damage.

One battery gives a flight time of 15 minutes, give or take a little. Combined, you can get up to 30 minutes of flight time. There is no need to buy another battery, as these two will serve you very well.

Engaging the 3D stunts will consume the battery charge faster. Another thing you should note is that the drone comes with one battery inside, so do not fret if at first you notice just one battery in the package.

720P Built-in Camera

This is a fun camera drone. It comes with a built-in 720P camera. Therefore, you are going to enjoy a good FPV experience using the 4DRC app and your smartphone.

The camera has a fairly good field of view and you can adjust its vertical angle a bit, by up to 45 degrees. However, you cannot do this from the remote controller, so you have to bring it home first.

While the 720P resolution is not too good for serious photography, it helps your children to get started on the aerial photography hobby.

This drone is equipped with 2.4GHz real-time image transmission. You can see what the drone can see when it is flying.

The control range of the 4D-V12 quadcopter is not too long since it is 100 meters. You will always keep it in your sight.

When you take photos, you can share footage with friends and family on social media immediately.

Remote controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is small and light in weight. It is built for children after all. It is very simple, the face is not cluttered with buttons.

On the right and left sides of the controller, there is a cluster of buttons. All of them serve different functions, but they are enough to enable you to fly the drone blindly.

The left cluster of buttons is for directional control with arrows for forward, backward, left and right. There is also the power button for on/off and on the top, there is the control wheel for trimming the drone when it is in flight.

On the right side, there is another cluster of buttons for the camera, one key take off, hovering and headless mode. There is also the control wheel/joystick for speed.

Flight Functions

The DRONEEYE 4D V12 is a small beginner or kids drone, but it still comes with many flight functions. A beginner toy drone should come with a few flight modes to make it easy and fun to fly.

Here is what you get with the 4D V12:

One key take off and landing

There is no need for guesswork about how to start or stop the drone. To take off, just press the key for take off or landing and the aircraft will take off and hover at a height.

Circle flying

With circle flying, you can get the drone to fly around a point of interest. It will maintain a certain radius and it will capture footage as it keeps on flying.

3D flips

This aircraft can do 3D flips for fun. Horizontal flights can be long and monotonous. With the ability to flip to the left, right, backward or forward, you can break the monotony and surprise your friends. To do these flips, the drone has to be flying at high speed.

Altitude hold

This vital function makes the drone have a smooth horizontal flight. You do not have to mind about controlling the vertical flight of the aircraft since the flight height is already set.

Trajectory flight

You can open the map interface on the app, tap a few points on the screen of your smartphone and then draw a line with your finger to join the points. The 4D V12 drone will follow that route when you launch it.

Auto hovering mode

In this mode, the drone hovers very well, maintaining the height steadily so that you can take footage.

Gesture shooting

Get the drone to take fast footage of your selfies and videos. Show it the scissors sign with your fingers and the drone will start to take your footage. You can also show it the palm sign and it will start to take videos.

DRONEEYE 4DV12 - Gesture Controlled Drome

Gravity control

When you engage the gravity control mode, the drone will fly in the direction that you wave your smartphone. When you wave it in the right, the aircraft flies to the right and so forth.

Emergency stop

If you find an obstacle in the flight path of the drone, you can hit the emergency stop key and the aircraft will stop immediately. This prevents the 4D V12 from crashing, so it is a safety feature.

Headless mode

In headless mode, the drone can adjust its direction depending on the pilot’s position. That way, you do not need to worry about how it flies.


  • This drone is affordable
  • It flies well when there is no wind
  • Comes with emergency stop brake for safety
  • It can perform 360-degree flips for fun
  • Easy to learn how to fly even for kids
  • It makes a good and impressive gift for kids on their birthday
  • It has three speed modes


  • Too lightweight so it is hard to trim when there is wind
  • Hard to fly indoors because the camera’s field of view is not wide enough
  • It does not come with propeller guards
  • Some people have complained that theirs keeps moving backward when hovering
  • Follow me mode would have been better

Who Should Buy The 4D V12 Drone?

If you have a kid who is at least 9 years old and you would like to introduce them to the drone hobby, get them the 4D V12 toy drone.

It flies well, has a small but good camera, two batteries and other goodies. If you are an adult and you want to start on the drone hobby, this one will serve you too. It does not cost much. With good care, you can enjoy this quadcopter for a long time.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The DRONEEYE 4D V12 gives good value for money since it flies well, has many flight modes and can really teach a beginner how to pilot a drone.

Before you can fly it, download the 4DRC app, which is available for android and iOS technologies. It will unlock so many functions that make the mini drone so much fun to fly.

Read the user manual first. It will teach you how to calibrate the quadcopter. Also, use the provided USB cable to charge the batteries.

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