EACHINE E58 Review

If you have been searching for the best budget camera drone, well, your search ends now, with the EACHINE E58 drone. It is a Mavic Pro lookalike, but it is no Mavic at all, so do not get that mixed up. As a beginner drone pilot, you need something that you can crash and it comes though without a scathe. It is preferable to always start with a cheap drone that can take all the abuse meted on it. However, since the EACHINE E58 is equipped with a camera, you can shoot some aerial footage, both photos and videos.


Here is a deeper looker at the features of this drone:

EACHINE E58 Features & Technical Details

This is a small and foldable fun drone that is recommended for people looking forward to flying their first drone. For a very affordable price, you will have this drone. It is a perfect travel drone that can fit in your coat pocket when you want to fly outdoors. It is a lightweight drone which surprisingly looks and feels quite sturdy in your hand.

The EACHINE E58 is also one of the cheap camera drones in the market. The 720 HD camera has a wide angle of view of 120 degrees. While this camera is not designed to pan around, it does move/tilt up and down in 90 degrees. That means that you can leave it pointing forward to take footage of whatever is ahead of the drone. You can also tilt the camera so that it faces downwards such that the drone captures footage from underneath.

This drone has a first person view (FPV) that allows you to see what your drone sees as it flies. You will connect your smartphone to the drone through Wi-Fi for live transmission. Of course connecting the phone gives you more functionality from the drone than using the controller alone. To enjoy the FPV, download the JY UFO app into your smartphone.

This might be a budget camera drone but it still packs some incredible features such as the altitude hold feature. You just have to decide on a certain height and lock it in on the drone. Just press the altitude hold button and the drone will hover at that height and shoot footage from it.

Flying the drone is so easy even for total newbie pilots. It has been designed with one button takeoff and landing. You can even land the drone without using your hands. If you should notice that it is on a collision course with any obstacle, the emergency landing button comes in handily. Just press it and the drone lands.

For safety, the drone controller has an emergency landing button as discussed above. It has been designed with an automatic return to home feature. Just press it and the drone turns to fly back to the controller. It also has headless mode, which means that the drone flies sideways, backward and forward, irrespective of where the nose is facing.

The EACHINE E58 drone can do 3D rolls. When the reviews say that this is a fun drone, they do not kid because that is true. This a fun feature.

For the storage of your footage, there is a microSD card slot at the bottom of the drone. Just insert the SD card and press it into place. However, you may also store footage in your smartphone and share it with your friends and family almost immediately.

Flight time is about 7 minutes, quite the average for many drones in this price range. You can buy extra batteries for longer flight time. The drone has a pair of white shining lights at the front. If the battery drains low, these lights will start blinking. Time to bring it home.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this one as a fun drone without expecting too much from it. I was pleasantly surprised that the camera captured footage that I could actually share on my social media networks with friends and family. Michelle R.

I am an experienced drone pilot and this is like my umpteenth drone. I bought it just for kicks and I must say it has been fun flying it. I am planning to give it away to a friend though. I have several other drones. Jerry G.

I know it is a cheap drone but when they say it has a 720P HD camera, then I expect good quality images and video footage. However, I find them a bit lackluster but I love the 3D rolls that this drone can do. Samuel Q.

Good drone. Did everything the manual said it could do. I have been flying the EACHINE E58 for some time now and I am quite impressed. Hassan A.

As my first drone, the EACHINE E58 took me some time to learn how to fly but once I did it, I found it to be great fun. I especially love the 3D rolls. Pauletta G.

EACHINE E5 Foldable Image-

Pros of EACHINE E58

  • Foldable drone for easy storage
  • No FAA registration needed – just fly it
  • Battery charges easily with just about any standard smartphone charger
  • Has bright LED lights at the front for flying in low light conditions
  • Has stable altitude hold
  • 2MP still camera shoots nice photos
  • Has a short learning curve for newbie pilots
  • Replaceable drone arm
  • One-button landing and takeoff

Cons of EACHINE E58

  • The camera button on the controller does not work
  • It performs poorly even in the slightest wind

Who Should Buy The EACHINE E58?

Although the features show the EACHINE E58 as a drone for beginners, it has some advanced features which make it a fun drone to fly even for the advanced pilots. You should buy the drone without fear in your mind. However, you should know what you will get. This is not a professional camera or racing drone. It is a beginner drone made for fun and casual use, and then later upgrade to a more advanced one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With a replaceable drone arm, good features like auto hover, return to home, emergency landing and many more, this drone is quite a good catch for anyone. It is also sold affordably and it does take videos and photos. Thus, if you are looking for a small drone you can carry easily, the EACHINE E58 is a good budget camera drone.

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DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Review

At less than $50, the best kid friendly drone does not come any cheaper than this. Even bearing in mind that this is a beginner or kids’ drone, it still packs a number of good features. These make it a joy to use all the time. It is a small drone, but that has not hindered the manufacturer from including some nice and advanced features. You do agree of course that the 720P camera is a welcome touch indeed even in such a small drone. Besides, with the small weight of this drone, you can practically carry it anywhere you want with you.

When choosing a kid friendly drone, you know that safety for the kid as well as the drone is paramount. Thus, a good drone targeted at the kids must have some good features. The DROCON GD60 does not disappoint. It is one of the best small drones in the market. In the following section, you will see just why.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone

DROCON GD60 Features & Technical Details

This is a small drone. When we say that, we mean it measures about 7.4 cm by 7.4 cm with a meager weight of 19 g. No FAA registration required. Just unpack the drone, and start flying it as soon as it is ready.

The body of this mini drone is made with a strong and durable nylon material. As the best kid friendly drone, it does not means that it is exempt from crashes at high speed. You do want your beginner quadcopter to be written off in the crash. This is why this one has been designed to withstand such crashes.

The most inspiring feature of this small drone is the 720P HD camera that allows your kids to shoot good photo and video footage from the air. However, at the price and considering the target market, you know this drone is not going to shoot footage that can rival that of the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro. Even with low expectations, you will still be impressed by what the built-in camera can do. If you are a beginner, you can use this camera drone to learn the ropes of taking professional footage with a drone so that you will have the skills when you upgrade to a bigger drone in future.

This mini drone for beginners and kids also has headless mode. Who would believe this for such a small drone? But it has it. This feature makes an easy-to-fly-drone even easier to fly as you can just fly it irrespective of the direction that it is facing. You can fly the drone sideways and backwards. This is a very useful feature for kids and beginner drone enthusiasts. It can also help you get the drone back even when it is out of sight. When you engage headless mode, the drone flies in the direction of the controller.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Headless Mode
Another feature that this drone has is the three speed modes. The low speed setting would be good for beginners, and then they can graduate to medium and high speed once they have cut their teeth in drone piloting. However, there is no limit to what you can do with the speed modes, including switching to fast, slow and medium intermittently.

Another feature that you do not even find in the big boys is the short charging time of this drone. It only takes 30 minutes for the 3.7V 140mAh lithium polymer battery to be fully charged. However, note that the battery can only give you about 7 minutes of flight time, a bit short, but not a surprise at all for such a small and affordable drone. However, you can buy a spare battery or two to double or triple the flight time.

This drone can also do 3D flips and rolls. Just by pressing and holding the stunt button on the controller, you will get the drone to entertain you with its flips and rolls. Just move the stick on the right side to any direction in which you want the drone to do the flips. It is going to respond accordingly.

The flight range for the DROCON GD60 mini drone review is 80 meters. This is not too big but it is still quite impressive for this small drone.

For storage of your footage, you can use any micro SD card, up to 32GB.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owner

This drone has been designed to make flying it easy for first timers. Ok, I crashed it into the walls a couple of times, but it came out unscathed, although I was practicing at low speed mode. Dan R.

I bought this mini drone for my son when he turned 14. Within a couple of hours, he had learned how to fly the drone like a pro. Pretty nice drone, cheap and all, but the flight time could be better. Isabel A.

As a drone enthusiast, I just bought this to fill a gap in my collection when I gave one of my small drones away. I have been very impressed with the small size and the things it can do. June N.

I ordered this drone just because of the price and I really was not expecting much especially when I realized it did not have the first person view mode. However, a few months after using it, I think it is incredible. Carlos J.

I am surprised that this small quadcopter packs so many features. I love that it can do fun 3D flips and rolls. Bernice M.

DROCON GD60 Mini Drone Small Size

Pros of DROCON GD60

  • It is small – can fit in your palm
  • Short charging time for the battery
  • Very easy to fly for beginners
  • Has three speed settings and hover mode
  • The 720P HD camera shoots good videos and photos
  • You can do 3D stunts with it
  • Light in weight- good for traveling with

Cons of DROCON GD60

  • Short flight time, gets even shorter if there is wind
  • You have to match the rotors or the quadcopter won’t fly
  • Does not have first person view (FPV) mode

Who Should Buy The DROCON GD60?

Well, the DROCON GD60 mini drone is the best kid friendly drone, but that does not mean you cannot use it. As you can see from many testimonials online, even advanced users love using this drone. It is small and nimble, yet very agile and easy to fly even for beginners. If you are a professional videographer and photographer, you might want to pass this drone for something bigger. Beginners will also find this drone very useful to learn important piloting trips and tricks before you upgrade to a bigger drone in future. You might even buy it just for the price.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The affordable price, the small size which is very good for traveling and the advanced features such as the camera make this drone a good catch for just about anyone. If you are looking for the best kid friendly drone that can show them the real features that some of the big boys pack, this is the drone to buy. Some people have laughed off the DROCON GD60 mini drone because of the diminutive size, only to be surprised out of their wits later by the performance and the advanced features.

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A Few Facts about Drones with Headless Modes Explored

It has been maintained that drones in their headless modes are easier to fly, since you are not really required to pay attention to the drone’s orientation. They are highly recommended for beginners who find it difficult to get their control inputs aligned with the orientation of their drone. Most of the crashes at the beginner’s level happen – quite simply because of the fact that users are not able to differentiate between the front and the rear of the drones.

ScharkSpark Headless Mode

The headless modes: Why are they Recommended for the Beginners?

The headless modes are supposed to do away with this particular difficulty – quite simply because of the fact that beginners can now employ their UAV to track their drone’s orientation with its transmitter. There is no need for you to rely on in-space orientation. So, if you are pressing left on the transmitter, the drone will always go to the left – according to your current point of view.

The normal drones (not the headless ones), actually end up receiving your command and channelize it in its own direction. When you are working with the normal modes, with the front side of the drone is pointed towards you, if you press left, the drone will go just in the opposite direction – i.e. right.

Which is the Biggest Problem that these Models Seek to Mitigate?

It has been largely opined that headless mode is primarily there to ensure that users stop worrying about orientation altogether. The only thing that you need to do in this regard is before flying you need to position the drone’s front to your front.

It is easier to understand headless mode in general—if you are actually taking the trouble to understand how they work. We will explore the same in the course of the post.

Once the drone – pointing in the front- takes off, it’s the drone’s algorithms in the microcontroller that actually ensure that the directional changes are duly compensated.

Should you Buy these Drones?

Now whether at all you should buy drones with the headless mode or not—depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a drone. If you are a beginner really confused with the way the normal drones work (owing to the aforementioned reasons), you should actually opt for the headless mode. If you are not really interested in mastering the nuances of flying drones- then the drones in their headless mode are definitely recommended for you. One has to remember that – basically – these drones with headless mode are toy grade (most of them are). If you are really looking forward to mastering the nuances of flying drones then the headless models are not really for you!

It has been maintained that these drones are an effective entry into the world of drones. You can figure out whether your new found love (flying drones, in this case) actually suits you or not. Even hobbyists would want to grasp the more difficult attributes of flying drones with the passage of time. So, ideally though they can start off flying headless modes to taste waters, they would eventually want to graduate to the more difficult normal modes.

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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Review

The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone is big in build, rugged in design and light in weight. How Yuneec has managed to combine all the factors to make such a masterpiece is a story on its own.

Yuneec is a fairy recent entrant into the drone market. As a result, their drones come in perfected designs, taking advantage of the flaws in the predecessor designs and setting everything right.

With multi-rotors, this camera drone can stay longer in the air, achieve a more stable flight and take awesome video and photo footage.

This is a solid, durable drone that can be used by hobbyist as well as professional users. With all its advanced features, you will find the price very affordable.

Apart from the build and design, is there anything else to this camera drone? There is more apparently, as you will see in the following section.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Image

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle Features & Technical Details

The most noticeable thing about this drone is that it is a hexacopter, with six rotors. That is good news as it means that if one rotor fails, the drone will continue flying. It will turn back towards the controller for repair.

Most other drones come with four rotors, so having six is a big benefit. At the same time, having six rotors means that the drone flies faster, is more stable in the air and this also enhances the quality of the video and photo footage that it takes.

The drone comes with everything that you need to use it. Controller and Wizard, two batteries and even a backpack for traveling.

The landing gear of the Typhoon H Pro is designed in such a way that it retracts to get out of the way when you start using the camera. Your camera shots will be unhindered.

Obstacle avoidance

The drone has ultrasonic sensors that help it to avoid collision. This ensures that your drone is safe no matter where you want to fly it. No big deal there since many other drones have this feature. However, not many of them can be able to avoid obstacles in low light since they use a “visual” obstacle avoidance system. The Typhoon H Pro however uses a sonar detection system. Thus, even if you are flying the drone at night, it is going to avoid obstacles.


This drone comes with an Ultra HD 4K camera, the best of them all. However, having a good camera alone is not enough. The technology for mounting the camera also matters a lot in aerial photography since the drone will take footage when it is in motion.

This is why the Typhoon H Pro has a 4K camera that is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that swivels around – 360 degrees. This means the camera can capture footage from all directions. The gimbal smoothness is something that you truly do not want to miss when taking professional videos.

Flight modes

You can be able to designate a point of interest and then the drone will circle that object as much as you want taking footage of the same. You may also use the Orbit Me mode where the drone circles you with the camera trained on you. Just set your preferred height on the controller and the drone will respond accordingly.

When you set it on Journey Mode, the drone flies up and away to a distance of 150 feet. It starts taking footage from there.

With the Follow Me mode, you will get the drone to follow after you as you roll down that trail on your mountain bike, shooting some good footage. You can use the wizard remote to get the drone to locate you even when you are at a distance, something that many drones that use visual connection are not able to do. If you want a drone that follows you in the water when you go snorkeling or swimming, this is it.

The controller

The STI 16 ground station controller comes ready to fly the drone. It already has its 7-inch android touchscreen and so you do not have to worry about downloading apps to your smartphone. It also has a playback feature, which is a thoughtful touch. Enjoy FPV and playback before you share your videos and photos with your friends and family on social media.

The Typhoon H Pro has a micro SD card slot. It supports cards of up to 128GB, which is more than enough to hold all the footage that you want before you transfer it to your computer. However, ensure the card is a Class 10 U3 or U1.

Automatic return to home

With automatic return to home feature, this means that when the battery starts getting really low, the drone turns back and starts flying towards the controller. Takeoff and landings are automated too, just press one button and the drone takes off or lands. That is why anyone can fly this drone, whether they have or don’t have experience at flying drones.

With the Curve Cable Cam feature, you can draw the route that you would like your drone to follow. Once you set the coordinates, this drone is going to fly between them. At the same time, you will still be able to control the operation of the camera independently.

The flight time at full charge is between 23 and 25 minutes. This is long enough, perhaps even longer than what most drones offer at this price range.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I bought this drone because of the camera and so far, I have never been disappointed. I am a documentary maker and I find this drone very satisfactory at this price range. Betty K.

I have found the Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone to take very good photos in the day and in the night. This is one of the best consumer drones in the market. Julian E.

I wish the battery would last just a bit longer, say to 30 minutes or more. I use this drone to take footage for my camping, hiking and backpacking YouTube channel. So far so good. Rob G.

I flew this drone at night in the yard and it did not crash into any trees. It has incredible obstacle sensor and avoidance! Billy W.

After my friend let me try my hand at his Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone, I found it irresistible and I ordered mine a couple of weeks later. I love flying it, although I am yet to fly it at night. Brian R.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Obstacle Avoidance

Pros of Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle

  • Easy to fly even for first-timers
  • Controller has an inbuilt android touchscreen
  • Has a warranty of 12 months against manufacturing defects
  • Advanced obstacle avoidance system
  • Landing gear retracts to clear the way for the camera
  • High quality photo and video footage
  • Affordable price

Cons of Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle

  • Flight time could be better
  • You need to edit your footage to view it properly if you do not have a 4K TV
  • SD card bought separately

Who Should Buy The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle?

Anyone, both advanced as well as beginner drone enthusiasts can buy this camera drone. The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Bundle drone is easy to fly. If you are a beginner and you want to start off on an advanced drone so that you do not have to upgrade in future, just get this one. If you are a professional videographer and photographer looking for a high quality yet affordable drone, this one is good for you. It is one of the best camera drones in the market.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Even with all the features that you get with this camera drone, you will pay a very affordable price. 4K camera, automatic return to home, sturdy design, six rotors and a powerful engine are just some of the features. Whether this is your first or tenth drone, you shall enjoy using it. You can buy it without any hesitation.

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DBPOWER Discovery Drone Review

For a very affordable price, way less than $100, you can own this baby and see why we call it the best drone under 100 with camera. It is available in two colors – deep blue and black color. You can use this camera drone for capturing striking aerial photos and video footage. This drone has many good things about it. One of them being that it maintains steady attitude during flying. It is also very easy to control for beginners and kids.

Without expecting too much, for the price that you are required to pay, you can see that this is a fun drone. So with that mindset, you are going to have exhilarating fun flying the drone.

Although it is cheap and small, this drone packs some of the latest flight technology, and many more features that you mostly find on the big boys of the drone industry. In this DBPOWER Discovery drone review, we shall look at some of the features that make it a must have in your collection if you are a drone collector.

DBPOWER Discovery

DBPOWER Discovery Features & Technical Details 

The body of the drone is made of strong ABS plastic, a good thing indeed because as a drone for beginners, it is most likely going to suffer a few crashes in the hands of the children or beginner pilots. You will notice that the rotors have some form of protection too, and that in case of a crash, they are likely to come out unscathed.

The most noticeable feature about this drone is that it has been designed with a high quality HD camera 720P for taking photo and video footage when you are flying it. That is not all either because you also get to have a first person view of the videos that this camera shoots while it is in motion. It is quite hard to find drones of this small caliber and within the price range coming with high quality camera and FPV. Just download the FLYINGSEE app to your android or iOS device and watch your videos in real-time.

When you buy the drone, you will get an SD card to help you store your photo and video footage. This is a 4GB SD card, not very big, but it is something and the good thing is that you store your videos onboard. You can transfer them later to your computer.

You will enjoy using the headless mode in this drone. Many people do. One of the best things about this is that no matter where the drone is facing, it will always fly in the direction of the controller. You do not have to keep worrying about where the nose is facing. Just engage headless mode and the drone will follow the controller.

The altitude hold function is very important when you want to take some video footage from a given height. Thus, you will hold the drone at that height, it will be very stable too. Not many drones at this price range come with an advanced feature such as this one.

The DBPOWER drone is designed with two speed modes. One is for beginners and the second one is for the advanced pilots. Teach your children how to pilot a drone using the slow speed mode and when they gain some skill, get them started on the high speed mode.

Another feature that cannot go unmentioned is the one-button landing and takeoff. This is why we say that this is not only one of the best cheap drones, but it is also one of the most hassle-free drones to fly. It just flies! Just press the button to either get the drone in the air or to land it.

When you have the app installed in your smartphone, you can be able to engage the gravity mode. Anyway that you move your smartphone, the drone is going to follow that direction. There is no special deal about this feature, it is just fun and awesome at the same time.

The controller is mid-sized, black in color and is powered by 4, AA batteries. The buttons are quite responsive.

Lastly, you will be pleased to know that the drone is sold with an extra battery (as a bonus). That means you will get two batteries. It also means you  can double your flight time. Charging the batteries is easy, just use your computer and the provided USB cable. One battery will give you between 6 and 9 minutes of flight time, quite good. Two batteries will give you double that.

Short Summary Of Feedback From Existing Owners

I purchased this drone for my son during his 14th birthday. I wanted him to train himself how to fly. I ended up usurping it for my own use. I bought a second drone for my use. Rachel C.

I bought this drone just because of the price alone. You know those moments when you have money to spare and you just buy something to make you feel good? Comfort buying it was. Months later, I am so glad I bought it. It has some awesome features and flying it is such a daisy. Tom B.

I use this drone to capture photos and video footage whenever my 2-year old daughter and I are doing something together, mostly during the weekends. It does a great job when the lighting is ok.

If you are looking for a drone that you can use outdoors, forget this one. Even the slightest wind will affect the video and photo quality. For indoor use, they do not come any better, especially at this price. Daniel S.

I am in my 60s and this is my first drone. I have found it quite easy to learn how to fly. I have been practicing with it in my backyard. Roger M.

DBPOWER Discovery Drone

Pros of DBPOWER Discovery drone

  • Sold with an extra battery thus doubling your flying time
  • It is easy to fly even for first-timers
  • It should make a perfect gift for kids or just about anyone else
  • High quality 720P HD camera shoots good footage
  • You can enjoy an FPV experience with this drone
  • Has low power alarm which alerts you when the battery is low
  • Designed with hi-tech features such as altitude hold, headless mode and others

Cons for DBPOWER Discovery drone

  • Hard to fly in the wind
  • 4GB is small storage for video footage


Who Should Buy the DBPOWER Discovery Drone?

This drone is perfect for anyone looking for the best cheap drone with camera. This is the best drone for beginners, kids, and seniors as well. It allows you to capture high quality images and video footage. Furthermore, you can view your flight right from your mobile through the FPV feature.

The drone has some advanced features for experienced drone pilots too. If you are looking for the best drone under 100 with camera, this is it for you! Don’t look any further than this and you will love it. It is a good purchase if you would like to cut your teeth on a good drone, and later upgrade to a more advanced one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

For a price of less than $100, with advanced features such as altitude hold, gravity mode, headless mode and many more, you know this drone is too good to skip buying. The DBPOWER Discovery drone gives good value for the money and if you take care of it, it will last a long time.

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