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Teeggi M71 Drone Review

Teeggi M71

Because the Teeggi M71 drone is so easy to control, it is good for kids of the manufacturer-recommended age as well as adult beginners.

Another thing that makes this drone fit for beginners is that the flight range is just shy of 200 feet. Therefore, this quadcopter will never fly out of your sight.

The price of this quadcopter is affordable. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your teenage son or daughter to introduce them to the drone hobby, this will not dent your wallet.

But … low price alone is not enough to make you buy a hobby drone. You want to see its features and flight modes. We will look at those later.

This drone also has some downsides. For instance, some people complain that they cannot find the app for this aircraft.

Checking the Google Play Store, it is hard to find out the app for this quad because a search for the same does not yield any results. Thus, you might have to contact the manufacturer to find out how you can download the app.

Teeggi M71

Teeggi M71 Features & Technical Details

For the price, this aircraft comes with some commendable features and flight functions. We will look at the most outstanding of them here.

Design and Build Quality

This is a foldable quadcopter, which makes it easy to pack and store. If you would like to travel with the drone, it is simple.

Since the aircraft also comes with a storage case, traveling with it or storing it is easy. The case also has a meshed pocket on the upper flap to store its accessories.

This is a lightweight drone that weighs just 120g. Therefore, you will not need to register it with the FAA since it is far below the threshold of 250g. You can just calibrate and fly it.

Before you fly the quadcopter, you will have to fit the landing gear in the front. You will notice that it comes with two-piece landing gear instead of four. After that, just calibrate it and fly it. The instructions for calibration are in the user manual.

The drone comes with powerful brushless motors. They give it a powerful performance, good speed and they also last a long time. Brushless motors also make minimal noise and they also consume less voltage.

Batteries and Flight Time

The Teeggi M71 RC comes with two batteries for longer flight time. Each 1100mAh battery is going to give you 12 minutes of flight time. Some of the factors that help in prolonging the flight time include the low weight of the drone as well as the brushless motors.

Since these are modular batteries, they charge outside the quadcopter. Also, when the battery is charging, you will see the charger light. Once it is full, the charger light goes off. Thus, it is simple to know when the battery is charging.

The charging time for one battery is 90 minutes, which seems quite good if you will get 12 minutes of flight time.

The battery is also safe to handle and it has overcharge protection. Each battery also comes with its own charging cable. We recommend that you use the provided cable for charging the batteries.

When the battery voltage gets low, a light on the remote controller blinks to alert you. After the low battery alert, the drone can fly for three minutes tops, so you have to bring it home before three minutes are out.

Teeggi M71 Battery

Camera Quality

The Teeggi M71 drone comes with two cameras. The nose camera is a 1080P HD while the bottom camera is 480P.

The manufacturer also says that when the quadcopter is in flight, you can switch from the nose to the belly camera on the app. However, some users also complain that they cannot find the app on play store.

If you can find the app, you will enjoy a good FPV experience. You can see what the drone can see as it flies over.

In the daytime, you can get decent footage from the camera. However, you will have to store all of your footage in your smartphone because the drone does not have a slot for an SD card.

As you will see later, this drone also takes good selfies because it supports gesture shooting.

Remote Controller

You will love the simplistic design of the remote controller and the uncluttered user interface. It also has a foldable smartphone holder that can fit almost of all smartphone sizes.

The holder opens up on the upper side of the remote controller, which means that you do not have to take your eyes too much off the smartphone when you are flying the drone.

The remote controller distance and control range is 100 meters. In addition, you have to buy 3 AA batteries to use the remote controller. The important keys for different functions and the usual joysticks are on the remote controller.

Flight Functions

This drone comes with the most important functions for its price as well as some fun ones. Here they are:

Headless Mode

It is not like the drone will get out of your sight because of its short flight range. However, for a beginner, it can be confusing to know what direction the drone faces.

When you engage headless mode, the quadcopter just aligns itself automatically to the position of the pilot.

Gesture Shooting

With gesture shooting, you need to bring the drone close, to a range of 2 meters. It is only from this range that the aircraft is going to recognize your gestures. Show it the victory sign for photos and the palm sign to take videos.

One key takeoff and landing

This is a very helpful function for beginners. It is just one key for both take off and landing, which removes the guesswork out of the picture when you are launching the aircraft.

Trajectory Flight

To use this function, you have to access the map interface on the app. Make dots along the route where you would like the drone to fly and then connect them with a line. When you launch the drone, it will fly along that route.

Optical Flow Positioning

Combined with air pressure, optical flow positioning makes the drone very stable when it is hovering. It also holds altitude perfectly when it is flying.

360-Degree Rolls

When you want to stun your friends, you can turn on the 360-degree mode and the drone will roll over forwards, backwards, left and right. This might consume the battery charge faster, but it is a lot of fun.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

When you get the app, you can unlock so much fun from this quadcopter. It is also a lot of fun to fly but I would be careful flying it in the wind because it is so light. Rodgers K.M

I looked everywhere but I could not find the app for this drone. A search for “Teeggi M71” app on Google Play Store yielded nothing. Ahmad K.

Teeggi M71 Pros

  • Comes with its storage case
  • Supports many flight functions, which is helpful for beginners
  • Two batteries with fair flight time are a nice touch
  • Lightweight build makes it easy to travel with
  • Easy to fly for kids and beginners
  • You get an alert when the battery is running low

Teeggi M71 Cons

  • Too light in weight – it can become quite unstable even in low velocity wind
  • Does not come with automatic return home function
  • Camera quality could be better

Who Should Buy The Teeggi M71 Drone?

Because of the affordable price and the fairly decent collection of flight functions, anyone can buy this quadcopter and have some good fun with it. It would make an impressive gift for your kids on their birthday. Also, the gesture shooting function makes it good for family selfies, if you do not mind the so-so quality.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get the quadcopter, you should attach the two pieces of landing gear to the front, not the back. In addition, you will have to calibrate it every time you want to fly it. You can refer to the user manual to know how to calibrate it.

With just 120g of weight, the Teeggi M71 drone is quite light. Do not fly it in the wind. Also choose a wide open space to fly it so that it doesn’t collide with obstacles.

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