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Bwine F7 GPS drone Review

Bwine F7 GPS Drone

The Bwine F7 drone is a compact and affordable quadcopter that is perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike. With a range of impressive features and flight functions, this drone is capable of capturing high-quality aerial footage and providing a thrilling flying experience. Let’s take a closer look at its features and specs.

Bwine F7  Drone Features and Specs

  • Brushless motor: The Bwine F7 drone is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that delivers smooth and stable flight.
  • 4K camera: This drone features a 4K camera that is capable of capturing stunning aerial footage and photos. The camera connecting to three-axis gimbal which giving great stability
  • GPS positioning: The GPS positioning system allows for precise and accurate flight, making it easy to fly the drone even in challenging conditions.
  • GPS auto return home when signal lost or press the one-key return button,
  • Follow me mode: With this mode, the drone can follow you wherever you go, capturing your movements from above.
  • Waypoint flight: This mode allows you to set a flight path for the drone to follow, making it easy to capture aerial footage of specific locations.
  • One-key takeoff and landing: With just the press of a button, the drone can take off and land automatically, making it easy to fly for beginners.
  • Flight time: The Bwine F7 drone has a flight time of around 25 minutes per battery, which is quite good for a drone in its price range.
  • Bwine F7-3-Axis-Gimbal

Flight functions

  • Altitude hold: This feature allows the drone to maintain a steady altitude, making it easier to capture stable footage.
  • Headless mode: With this mode, the drone will always fly in the direction of the controller, regardless of its orientation.
  • 360-degree flips: The Bwine F7 drone can perform impressive aerial acrobatics with 360-degree flips, adding an element of excitement to your flying experience.

Bwine F7 Drone Pros

  • Good flight time and flight range
  • The drone’s 4K camera is stabilized by three-axis gimbal, which giving stable footage in shaky and windy conditions.
  • The GPS positioning system and follow me mode make it easy to fly and capture stunning footage.
  • The drone’s compact size makes it easy to transport and fly in a variety of environments.

Bwine F7 Drone Cons

  • Cost. It’s a very good drone but in this price range you can buy drone like DJI Mini 2 that I think is a better drone.



Overall, the Bwine F7 drone is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable and feature-packed quadcopter. With its 4K camera, GPS positioning, and follow me mode, it is capable of capturing stunning aerial footage and providing a thrilling flying experience. While it does have some limitations, such as no screen on the controller, this is minor drawback given the drone’s overall value and performance.

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