Bwine F7MINI Drone Review

Bwine F7MINI drone

The Bwine F7MINI is a compact and portable GPS drone designed for indoor and outdoor flying. It features advanced functions that make it easy to fly, capture stunning aerial footage, and perform various flight maneuvers. With its compact size, the Bwine F7MINI is ideal for those who want a drone that is easy to transport and use for various purposes.

Bwine F7MINI Features:

Compact size: The Bwine F7MINI is a small and compact drone, the drone weighing less than 250g so no FAA registration is needed.

4K Camera: The drone features a 4K camera  that captures high-quality aerial footage and photos. The camera has a wide-angle lens with a 90-degree adjustable angle, allowing users to capture stunning shots from various perspectives.

Altitude Hold: The altitude hold feature enables the drone to maintain a stable altitude while in flight, even in windy conditions. This makes it easier to capture stable footage and reduces the risk of crashing due to changes in altitude.

One-key takeoff and landing: The one-key takeoff and landing feature make it easy to launch and land the drone. With just the touch of a button, the drone will take off or land safely and automatically.

Headless mode: The headless mode feature makes it easier for beginners to fly the drone, as it eliminates the need to worry about the drone’s orientation. When in headless mode, the drone will fly in the direction that the controller moves it, regardless of its orientation.

Gesture control: The gesture control feature allows users to control the drone using hand gestures, making it easier to capture photos and videos without using a remote controller. Users can make a “V” sign with their fingers to activate the gesture control feature, and then use different hand gestures to control the drone’s movement and camera.

Real-time transmission: The drone can transmit live video footage to a mobile device in real-time using Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows users to see what the drone sees in real-time and adjust their flight accordingly.

GPS: The GPS feature allows the drone to perform advanced flight functions such as auto return, follow me, and waypoint mode. With GPS, the drone can accurately determine its location, altitude, and speed, making it easier to fly and capture stable footage.

Bwine F7MINI Flight functions:

Hover: The altitude hold feature allows the drone to hover at a specific altitude, making it easier to capture stable footage.

360-degree flip: The drone can perform 360-degree flips in any direction. This is a fun and exciting feature that allows users to perform aerial stunts and capture unique footage.

Follow me: The GPS feature enables the drone to follow the user automatically, keeping them in the frame. This is a great feature for capturing footage of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing.

Waypoint mode: The drone can fly along a pre-set path, allowing users to capture specific footage. This is a useful feature for professional videographers who want to capture footage of a specific area or object.

Auto return: The GPS feature allows the drone to automatically return to its takeoff location if it loses connection or if the battery is low. This is a useful safety feature that helps prevent the drone from being lost or damaged due to a low battery.

Bwine F7MINI Main Features

Bwine F7MINI Pros:

  • Compact size makes it easy to carry around.
  • Impressive flight time of up to 30 minutes per battery
  • Advanced camera features capture stunning aerial footage.
  • Altitude hold and one-key takeoff and landing make it easy to fly.
  • Gesture control allows for hands-free operation.
  • Real-time transmission allows users to see what the drone sees in real-time.
  • GPS enables advanced features such as follow me and auto return.

Bwine F7MINI Cons:

    • No gimbal



Overall, the Bwine F7MINI is a great drone for those who want a compact and portable drone with advanced camera features. Its ease of use, gesture control, real-time transmission, and GPS features make it a great option for beginners and experienced drone pilots alike. On the bottom line Bwine F7 mini provide good value for money


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Holy Stone HS720G Review

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You can never be too old to earn your wings. Thus, if you are looking for the best beginner adult drone to get into the drone hobby, you are in the right place. The Holy Stone HS720G drone is fit for users of all ages. It has a 2-axis Gimbal to stabilize the camera. You will get a sound footing in aerial shooting when you start using this drone.

While you will not find the Holy Stone brand name featuring in the top 10, 20 or even 30 drone makers in the world, they still make good sub $100 drones. Many of these are suitable for beginners. After learning how to fly on the small HS drones, you can go for the bestseller brands in the market such as Hubsan or Airobotics.

While the HS720G drone has many features, it also has some downsides that you should know about. For instance, this quadcopter comes with one battery only, and it takes too long to charge. The charging time indicated in the user manual is not correct.

Another downside is that there seems to be no accessories for this aircraft. Take good care of it because it is hard to find spare blades or spare anything. Also, the accessories of the closely related models from the same brand name do not work with this one.

To know whether you will get good value for your money, read the features and flight functions for the HS720G quadcopter in the upcoming sections.
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COOAU FX-9P Drone Review


If you are looking for a reasonably priced drone with a camera for adults, you might want to read this COOAU FX-9P review. In the review, we are going to reveal important things such as the flight time per battery, the GPS functions (if any), safety functions, camera quality and many more.

Before you buy a drone, it is best to know some of the “serious” downsides about it. For instance, the FX-9P does not come with a gimbal.

Your videos might appear a bit distorted especially if there is wind. Also, some people have reported experiencing issues when calibrating the drone, although this is for a few isolated cases.

Keep reading to see the features and functions of the 9P drone.
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DJI Mini SE Review


Having come to the US market in August 2021, the DJI Mini SE is the newest addition to the collection of small hobby drones in the DJI stable.

It is also the cheapest! However, if the hubbub in the market is anything to go by, there is some controversy surrounding the Mini SE.

Some pundits say that you are better off going for the older DJI Mini 2, which was released in November 2020. They argue that the Mini SE is built on the older 2019 technology that the Mavic Mini ran on. The only thing that seems to be an improvement on the Mavic Mini is the slightly higher wind resistance.

Here, we believe that we should judge every quadcopter on its own merits. Read the whole review to see the features and the flight modes. You can then decide whether it is the real deal for you.

Even before we get to the features, we like to highlight some downsides. Honestly, there aren’t that many, except perhaps that the package does not come with propeller guards, so a crash could send you to the stores to buy new blades.

There have been cases of users complaining about the Mini SE not responding to controller commands. The good thing is that if the signal is lost, it automatically initiates the return-to-home routine.
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The aovo PRO66 drone will cost you a substantial amount of money. Thus, you want to be sure that you will get good value for every dollar that you pay.

The best way to know whether it is worth the money is to look at the features and technical details. Here, we shall look at the design and build quality, battery and flight time, camera quality and more.

Every drone has its downsides, so we will look at those too. For instance, some users complain that the batteries do not last as long as the manufacturer advertises.

At the same time, there have been complaints that you cannot fly the aovo PRO66 without having the app open.

Are these complaints deal breakers? Do they apply across the board or were they from isolated cases? We will find out soon enough.
aovo PRO66
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