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Drones Under $300

Details about the best drones you can buy for less than $300


DJI Mini SE Review

Having come to the US market in August 2021, the DJI Mini SE is the newest addition to the collection of small hobby drones in the DJI stable.

It is also the cheapest! However, if the hubbub in the market is anything to go by, there is some controversy surrounding the Mini SE.

Some pundits say that you are better off going for the older DJI Mini 2, which was released in November 2020. They argue that the Mini SE is built on the older 2019 technology that the Mavic Mini ran on. The only thing that seems to be an improvement on the Mavic Mini is the slightly higher wind resistance.

Here, we believe that we should judge every quadcopter on its own merits. Read the whole review to see the features and the flight modes. You can then decide whether it is the real deal for you.

Even before we get to the features, we like to highlight some downsides. Honestly, there aren’t that many, except perhaps that the package does not come with propeller guards, so a crash could send you to the stores to buy new blades.

There have been cases of users complaining about the Mini SE not responding to controller commands. The good thing is that if the signal is lost, it automatically initiates the return-to-home routine.
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aovo PRO66

AOVO PRO66 4K Drone Review

The aovo PRO66 drone will cost you a substantial amount of money. Thus, you want to be sure that you will get good value for every dollar that you pay.

The best way to know whether it is worth the money is to look at the features and technical details. Here, we shall look at the design and build quality, battery and flight time, camera quality and more.

Every drone has its downsides, so we will look at those too. For instance, some users complain that the batteries do not last as long as the manufacturer advertises.

At the same time, there have been complaints that you cannot fly the aovo PRO66 without having the app open.

Are these complaints deal breakers? Do they apply across the board or were they from isolated cases? We will find out soon enough.
aovo PRO66
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NiGHT LiONS TECH B193 Max Review

Drones that come with obstacle avoidance cameras or sensors are usually too expensive. However, the NiGHT LiONS TECH B193 Max seems to veer from the expensive to the more affordable path.

The manufacturer says that the obstacle avoidance camera can detect obstacles as far as 20 meters away to avoid collisions. In this review article, we will find out whether that is true. We will also find out the other features that the quadcopter comes with.

When you buy a drone, you want it to have as many features as possible. However, the main ones include a good camera, a long lasting flight time and the design and build quality.

Thus, in the upcoming section, we shall look at all these. We shall also see the pros and cons of this quadcopter.

Before you buy the B193 Max, you need to be aware of something. Many users say that when the battery runs low, the drone starts to disobey commands. Thus, it is better to bring it home before the battery gets too low.
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Holy Stone HS700E

Holy Stone HS700E Review

The Holy Stone HS700E drone comes with a good number of features and flight modes for this price bracket. Thus, if you need an adult GPS drone with long distance flight range and incredible flight time, you might want the HS700E.

Like all the other Holy Stone drones that we have reviewed here, you will appreciate the workmanship that has gone into this quadcopter. Everything, from the nicely padded storage/transport case to the click-in-place propellers shows how much this drone maker cares about quality.

Are there any downsides to look forward to? Well, first, some people complain that the drone is overpriced. Actually, Holy Stone drones cost more than most of their counterparts in the market. However, if the features justify the price, it is not too high.

Another thing that you might be wary of is that the propellers slide into place but the drone does not come with propeller guards. Thus, they can easily slide off (as some people have complained) and if you crash it, the propellers are unguarded, so they can sustain damage.

It is not all bad though, as you will see in the upcoming sections of this review.

Holy Stone HS700E
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Potensic D68

Potensic D68 Drone Review

Are you looking for a small drone that is going to take awesome footage from the air? If your answer is yes, you might love the Potensic D68. In addition, this is a true 4K drone! If you have a YouTube channel or something similar, this drone is going to help you capture impressive footage.

4K resolution drones are associated with high cost. However, in this case, we could say that the D68 is one of the most affordable options for small 4K drones. After all, not only does it take nice footage, but it also comes with more features that make it worth having. It takes more than just a good camera to buy a drone.

Potensic makes some pretty awesome quadcopters. However, like all the others, even the D68 has its downsides. They are not the “make or break deal” kind of downsides, but it is good to be aware of them.

For instance, you have to calibrate the drone every time that you turn it on. And it is not as if the process gets easier. No, it will be just like the first time that you bought it.

Another downside that you need to be aware of is that when the quadcopter gets too far, it disconnects from the phone WiFi and connects to the next available one. Therefore, you lose your first person view. On the same note, it does not reconnect with your phone when it gets back within range.

Potensic D68
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