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Best Drone Under $100 For Christmas 2019

Best Drone that you can buy with budget under $100 For Christmas 2019


AKASO A31 Drone Review

Can you get a low price drone that can do 1080P videos? Yes; the AKASO A31. Where small, entry-level drones are concerned, we can say that this one makes all the merits. It is budget-friendly, kid and beginner-friendly. As you will also see in this review, toy drones keep getting better with time. They are packing more automated features, better camera quality and they are durable.

Choosing a small drone is usually hard because they all look alike. From a glance, it can be hard to tell which has special features and which hasn’t. After reading this review, you should love the no-frills AKASO A31 made by Akaso Tech. It is simple, stylish and it does what it is supposed to do – fly and take nice, HD images and videos.

Because of the low price, you might have your doubts. That is what we seek to clear with this A31 review. Keep reading to see the build quality, design, camera quality, battery time and its automated flight functions.

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SIMREX X900 Drone Review

Modular battery with high capacity, foldable design, stable camera and the ability to do flips and rolls are some of the things the SIMREX X900 comes with. However, if we dig deeper, we find many automated functions. They make flying this drone easy and enjoyable.

Costing double what the X300C that we reviewed earlier costs, we will see whether the SIMREX X900 drone is worth it. That does not mean it is very expensive though. In fact, you will be a bit cynical about the quality when you see the price. Fear not though because the build quality is great, the camera is fabulous, the flight time is also quite good and as we said, there are tens of automated flight functions.

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HR H2 Drone

HR H2 Drone Review

The HR H2 drone is a fun and simple to use drone that is good for both advanced users and beginners. This little drone has many impressive features. One of them is the high quality, wide-angle 2K camera. While it won’t do 2K videos, it will still capture good photo and video footage. If you have a kid that you would like to gift with something that they won’t forget fast, get them this drone. It is so simple to operate with auto takeoff and landing key, one key return, headless mode and other automatic functions.

HR H2 Drone
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SANROCK X105W Drone Review

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have an exciting drone flying experience. You can have a long flight time, a faster charging time and a long flight range from a cheap drone. Thankfully, if you are looking for such a drone, you do not need to look any further than the SANROCK X105W.

A drone should not just fly. It should give you an experience that you should not forget fast. That is what you will get from the SANROCK X105W. With different flight modes and functions, this is an exciting and thrilling drone to fly. The camera is good and it captures good drone footage all the time.

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SYMA X22W Review

The SYMA X22W drone is sleek, stylish and beautiful. The white, gray, black and red color combination makes it look stunning. But stunning is no good to you or anyone if it is all there is to a drone.

The X22W is a product from symatoys. This is one of the best drone makers in the market today. One thing that everyone concedes when they see the toy drones from SYMA is just how stylish they all look.  The X22W is the most stylish of them all.

In the X22W, they have incorporated just about every fun feature that you need to enjoy flying the drone. We shall look at all that in detail later on. You will also see that this drone is quite safe. It is hardy, durable and it has been put together carefully to give you some excitement when you fly it.
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