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Drone Buying Tips

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on purchasing drones! Whether you’re a seasoned aerial photography enthusiast or a first-time flyer, navigating the world of drones can be both exciting and overwhelming. This category is designed to provide you with essential insights, expert advice, and practical tips to help you make informed decisions when buying a drone.

Drones With Return To Home Feature (RTH)

Return to home (RTH) is an important safety feature for drone pilots on any level. It helps the pilot to bring the drone to safe landing. With the RTH feature you can enjoy flying you drone without being worried that it will crash if the battery is drained or get lost in case it flies out of range.

There are 3 types on Return to Home:

Battery Low RTH – When the drone battery reaches to critical low battery level – the drone automatically returns to home point.

Signal Loss RTH – When the drone lost its connection with the controller. On DJI drones its call “Failsafe RTH”

One Key RTH – when RTH is triggering manually using special key in the controller. Currently most of the drones (even drones under $100) comes with this feature and it’s highly important for beginners.

Please read the drone manual to see how to set your home point and the return to home altitude (to avoid obstacles when using the Return to Home feature).

Best Drones With Return To Home Feature Costs More Than $1000

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Difference Between Follow Me and Active Track

Follow me and Active track goal is to give you the ability to film moving object automatically and hands free. It’s useful especially with sports giving you the ability to film yourself without friend of someone that will fly your drone.

There are two main follow me technologies:

Computer vision like Dji Active Track and GPS sensor follow me.

  • Active Track – is an intelligent flight mode on DJI drone that use image recognition. On Active track you simply drawing a box around the object you want to follow and the drone will follow this object automatically. To use Active Track it’s important that the drone will be able to detect and avoid obstacles. As an example, you can take the DJI Mavic 2 Pro that use 10 sensors to avoid collisions with objects on all sides.

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Drone Goggles

Drone Goggles Tips for Beginners

FPV (First Person View) goggles remain an important part of the FPV equipment. FPV racing has become a very popular phenomenon today. As a result, we can actually see the introduction of new FPV goggles almost every other day. And, why exactly are these googles considered an important part of your FPV flying experience? It’s because you need to view the obstacles very clearly in real time (i.e. while flying) and react to them fast and efficiently. Here is where you need perfect video transmission. A pixelated video isn’t really of any help here. Choosing the right FPV googles will help you fly uninterrupted (as far as dodging the obstacles is concerned).

Drone Goggles
Best Drone Goggles Under $100

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FPV Goggles: How do they Work?

Now, it is important to understand the basics of FPV goggles before finding out which product you should choose as a beginner. Now, these goggles work by displaying live video from the camera on the aircraft. A pair of goggles might as well have one or two screens (that display the video) depending on the type of goggles that you are wearing. The pilot who is controlling the drone from the ground needs to see what exactly the quadcopter is seeing. Are you new to flying drones? If yes, then do make sure that you are acquainting yourself with the ways to select the right goggles for flying drones.

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